Feeding Your Pet Rat –What Is The Favorite Food?

rat food

All set to buy a pet rat? You may be familiar with what a pet dog or cat will feed on. However, when it comes to feeding a pet rat, not most of the people will know what to do. There will be many queries like can rats eat grapes? Can they feed on fish? Do they drink milk, and so much more? You will find reliable information on www.petguide.com and other pet sites. Let’s take a look at some items that comprise a good diet for your pet rat.

However small your pet appears to be, you need to give it a diet that will take care of all the nutritional requirements. Also, you need to make sure that the quality of the feed you get is excellent. It is harder to treat a rat when it falls sick. So make sure it gets all the minerals and vitamins it needs to stay healthy, fit and strong.

Rat Pellet
Rat pellet is also known as Lab blocks. These contain all the nutrients the animal requires. The manufacturers make sure that it forms a balanced diet for the pet rats. It contains all essential minerals as well as vitamins.

Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables form an important part of the rat’s daily diet. It is very important to include both these categories in the diet. Moreover, as they are fresh, rats like munching on them. You can chop them into small bits and pieces for ease.

Fruits and vegetables you can include in the diet for your pet rat:-
· melons,
· broccoli,
· peas,
· pears,
· bananas,
· apples,
· carrots
· Peaches.

Extra treats
Are treats allowed for pet rats? This is a tricky question. You can give them occasional treats; however, make sure not to overdo it. The digestion process should not be disturbed. You can give up to 10 percent of the daily diet in the form of treats. They will also like to munch on human food as well. You can give small pieces of
· Cooked pasta –whole wheat
· Bread –Whole Wheat
· Pizza crust
· Popcorn –plain kind
· Shredded chicken
· Egg –boiled

Strictly prohibited food
Some types of food are hazardous to the animals. You have to avoid them at all times. These are:-
Peanut butter,
Yoghurt drops,
Blue cheese

What to remember
A pet rat is not the same as other pets. While you may be familiar with the behavior of pet dogs or cats, dealing with a pet rat is not as easy as it looks. There will be few people around you have had a pet rat before. So the advice you get is limited. It is always best to talk to a certified veterinarian regarding any issues you have queries on.

We find many people who are interested in having pets, especially rats. If you are confused regarding the maintenance of rats and the food they are interested in, check out the internet to get the best information. Do not take a risk with the life of your precious pet. Follow the veterinarian’s’ advice and keep a healthy, happy pet!

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